Topic: Adaptable Architecture for Sustainable Development

Adaptable Architecture for Sustainable Development: Modular Building Innovation

Keywords: adaptability; sustainability; modular house; widespread; potential; housing business; Thailand; Japan; material life span. 
Abstract: This paper explores the principals of adaptable buildings. It determines why this building type is relevant for the sustainable environment and how it takes part in the future of adaptive reuse. Reviewing some existing literature on adaptable architecture, and examining for criticisms and obstructions on the adaptable design conclusions will be made for the case of AR. Lessons form the adaptable building design from the past would enhance the future development for adaptive reuse. The relationship between changes in human society and designs of adaptable buildings will be explored and conclusions will reinforce the circumstance that would promote adaptable buildings to become more widespread in the future.adaptable biuilging final_Page_8Case studies: 

  • NEXT21, Osaka, Japan, 1994
  • Sekisui House, Japan, 1970 – Company: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • prefab container home by Bangkok-based firms, Site-Specific and Buatalah Studios.
  • Modularbuildthailand by C&T Metal Products Co., Ltd
  • Loq-kit Modular House by PAF Architecture, LLC

 by Pear Pantrakul


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